Film Review by Prof. Rhon Manigault-Bryant & Sevonna Brown

Africana’s Professor Rhon Manigault-Bryant and our Concentrator Sevonna Brown have written a review essay on Tyler Perry’s film, Madea’s Witness Protection (Lionsgate, 2012).

The essay, which is published in the online magazine ReligionDispatches, was the result of their work together this summer as part of the Class of 1957 Summer Research Program, a fellowship at Williams designed to enhance student-faculty collaboration on faculty research projects in the social sciences and humanities.

In the review, Manigault-Bryant and Brown note that while Perry’s most recent installation in the “Madea Franchise” reinforces the importance of black religious expression and fits well within the “black, fat drag comedy-drama,” the film’s centering of a white family marks a radical departure from Perry’s typical cinematic formula.

Check out the review here.