With Deepest Respect and Gratitude

Here’s what we all owe bell hooks, beginning with me

“…what she was was a genius. She was vulnerable and complex, sharp and unashamed of how she walked the world. And with courage, discipline and dedication, she carved out space for me to exist.”

—DJ Lynnée Denise, 2022 Sterling A. Brown ’22 Visiting Professor


Julius S. Scott, Influential Historian of the Caribbean, Dies at 66

“Scott highlighted the complex relationships among slavery, capitalism and freedom, whose effects resonate with us today.”

—Neil Roberts, Professor of Africana Studies


“A Black Education Remembering Greg Tate, critical giant, author, Flyboy, and my teacher.

Tate’s abrupt loss is a seismic blow to the worlds of cultural criticism, music, and visual art. He answered the critic’s charge to use tools developed within a rich practice of study to invite, entertain, and investigate his fundamentally Black world.”

—Tirhakah Love ’15