Faculty & Student Collaborations

  • in James Baldwin Review
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.7227/JBR.9.12
    Online publication date: 26 Sep 2023
    Number: Volume 9: Issue 1

    Music lives and breathes through the spaces of much of James Baldwin’s oeuvre.
    This article introduces a course that features Baldwin’s musical literature and
    teaches students to compose music inspired by their newfound knowledge of
    Baldwin. The course, entitled “James Baldwin’s Song,” was taught in the department
    of Africana Studies at Williams College in fall 2021. It guided students
    to listen to Baldwin in a different way—through a musical lens and by relating
    Baldwin’s wisdom to their own lives. This article takes readers behind the scenes as
    it shares some of the curricular choices that guided the course and student insights
    gleaned from it. Though students heard many things in Baldwin’s musical oeuvre,
    two ideas sang out most clearly: that the blues was not just music but was also a
    way of living, and that joy differed from happiness. Accordingly, the second half
    of this article illustrates these key concepts as featured in original songs from the
    professor and student co-authors.

    Faith and Rejoice by William Murray ’25 and Elijah Parks

    Knock Down This Wall by Rashida K. Braggs

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  • Appearing in the December 30, 2023, e-edition of the Miami Herald, this editorial emerged from 2023 winter study course, AFR 24: “Touring Black Environmental Futures in the ‘New’ South,” which centers a three-week visit in Tallevast, a small Black community on Florida's Gulf Coast.

    The impacts industrial pollution on the natural resources of Black and Brown communities have been well documented in scholarship and the media, but what is transpiring in the unincorporated, Gulf Coast community of Tallevast is particularly remarkable.

    A historically Black community that sits just north of the Sarasota/Bradenton Airport, Tallevast is enduring a coordinated onslaught of environmental assaults. Manatee County government has rendered the community as an inevitable sacrifice for generating commercial revenue.

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