Premiere of "Every Day Blues" by the Berkshire Symphony

On November 2nd at 8 p.m. the Berkshire Symphony, under the direction of Ronald L. Feldman, will premiere “Every Day Blues”,  Andy Jaffe’s 20 minute orchestral tribute to the late Dr. Ernest Brown.

Andy Jaffe, Lyell B. Clay Artist-in-Residence in Jazz and Director of Jazz Performance, is a well-known jazz performer, arranger, composer, and author of seminal studies of jazz music theory. The composer blends African, American, and European traditions in a tribute titled “Every Day Blues”. Long a member of the Williams faculty, he remembers his colleague, Prof. Ernest D. Brown, using the initials EDB to construct and name the composition.

Admission is free. More information about the concert can be found on the Williams College Music Department webpage here.

Facility: Chapin Hall

Ensemble: Berkshire Symphony

Time: 11/02/2012 – 8:00pm