Africana Studies Theses


Q. Aunrika Tucker-Shabazz, “On Achieving a Realist-Utopian Framework Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower, Fledgling and Tallevast, Florida” [Rhon Manigault-Bryant, Advisor]

Olivier Joseph, “Poesía en Rumbo: A Cuento de Many Tierras—Tracing Diasporic Voices of Black Radicalism & Afrolatinidad” [Rashida K. Braggs and VaNatta S. Ford, Advisors]


Sharldine Desire, “People Get Ready: Centering Black Voices in the Affirmation of Black Lives” [Advisor, James Manigault-Bryant]

Ahmad Greene-Hayes, “Black Pentecostal Touch: Queerantagonism and (Un)Holy Hands” [Advisor, Rhon Manigault-Bryant]

Logan Lawson, “Food Freedom through Black Agrarian Love: Liberating Black Bodies from Food Oppression and the Global Corporate Food Regime via Collective Eco-memory” [Advisor, Neil Roberts]

Olivia Polk, “Faggots, Femmes, and Other Tales from Beyond the Black Studies Archive: A critical Study of Un-Incorporated Difference” [Advisors, James Manigault-Bryant and Margaux Cowden]

Cinnamon Williams, “Black Women’s Blueprints: Legacies of the Erotic and the Scripting of Southern, Black Pleasure” [Advisor, Rhon Manigault-Bryant]


Sevonna M. Brown, “Wom(b)anism, Maternal Survival, and Intersections of Black Women’s Liberation” [Advisor, Rhon Manigault-Bryant]

Amber Ellis, “Being Black in Appalachia: African Americans in the Mountain South” [Advisor, Candis Watts Smith]

Veroneque Ignace, “Healing through dance: an autobiographical journey of a Black Haitian woman at Williams College” [Advisors, Shanti Singham and Sarah Burton]

Tirhakah Love, “The Unsung: Tales of Hip-Hop in the Neoliberal Era” [Advisor, James Manigault-Bryant]

Medina Mody-Fitzmaurice, “Moments of Race Experiences by Asian American Adoptees” [Advisors, Neil Roberts and Reginold Royston]


Kenny Jean, “Reflections of a Haitian American: Politics, Testimony and Cultural Agency” [Advisor, Shanti Singham]

Jallicia Jolly, “Dare to Survive: Gendered and Cultural Survival Strategies  of the Africana Diaspora” [Advisor, Rhon Manigault-Bryant]


Jade Carter, “Moving 4Ward: Gentrification & Renaissance in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward” [Advisor, Rhon Manigault-Bryant]

Nneka Dennie, “Black Patriarchy, Black Women, and Black Progress: An Analysis of W.E.B. Du Bois and Anna Julia Cooper” [Advisor, Neil Roberts]

Ivory Goudy, “(Re)Evaluating the 13th Amendment’s Duly Convicted Clause: A Study of its Historical Legacy and Contemporary Significance to African American Communities” [Advisor, James Manigault-Bryant]

Nykeah Parham, “Let’s Make a Mulatto: A Guide to Swirling” [Advisor, Rhon Manigault-Bryant]

Don Polite, Jr., “Arturo A. Schomburg: Redefined Revolutionary Afro-Puerto-Rican Black Historian” [Advisor, Leslie Brown]


Noluthando Bridget Ngcobo, “Your Silence Will Not Protect You: (Re) presenting Resilience – The Black South African Lesbian; Activism and the Individual” [Advisor, Rhon Manigault-Bryant]


Jacquelin Denise Magby, “Swagger Like Us:  Youth, Urban Brands, and Class Consciousness in Chicago” [Advisor, James Manigault-Bryant]


Tony Coleman, “Reconciliatory Multiculturalism: A Theory of Black Inclusion” [Advisor, Neil Roberts]

Claire Schwartz, “The Radical Politics of Breast Cancer Subjectivities, or Something like a Red Flag for Audre Lorde, Pat Parker, and June Jordan” [Advisor, Vince Schleitwiler]


Anisha Warner, “Reflections on Migratory Subjectivity: Caribbean Women Writers and a Plural Conception of Identity” [Advisor, Stephane Robolin]