The Concentration

Candidates for a concentration in Africana Studies must complete at least five courses listed as Africana courses (note: many Africana courses are cross-listed with departmental offerings; all these are considered Africana Studies courses and can be used to count both for the concentration and for the departmental major of which they are a part).

Two of these five courses are required courses that every concentrator takes. They are the introductory course, AFR 200, normally taken in the sophomore and junior years, but open to all students; and AFR 400, the senior seminar, normally taken in the senior year, but also open to others at the Professor’s discretion.

Additional courses may be taken either with our core Africana faculty or with faculty and visiting professors affiliated with the program.  However, at least one of these three additional courses must be listed as a “Core Elective,” which is designated as a “Primary Crosslisting” in the Course Catalog.

Additionally, we encourage students to take at least one course in a program/department other than Africana Studies and consider an experiential learning winter study session. Concentrators are expected to meet with the Chair and/or an Africana core faculty member to plan their concentration.

To declare as an Africana Studies concentrator, fill out and submit this form. Once signed, you must submit the form to the Registrar’s Office.