Alex Willingham

Alex Willingham


Alex Willingham is Professor of Political Science at Williams College and past Chair of the African American Studies program. He is former director of the college’s Multicultural Center and has served as Schumann Professor for Democratic Studies, a special initiative to enhance the attention to problems of democracy in the curriculum and in campus life.

Willingham was born in southwest Arkansas and grew up in northwest Louisiana. He has been active in support of voting rights litigation in communities in lawsuits brought by civil rights groups including the Georgia Legal Services, ACLU, NAACP-LDF, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. He has been a member of the Williams faculty since 1989.

Willingham offers courses in U.S. politics, including the civil rights movement, and nonprofit organizations and community change.

Writings cover the role of race in national elections, the movement to develop affirmative voting and election procedures, as well as the redefinition of the political community resulting from the increasing empowerment of national minorities. His recent writings include Beyond the Color Line? Race, Representation and Community in the New Century (New York, 2002) (editor); “Voting Reform after the 2000 Election: Special Studies and Reports” in Franklin D. Adams Michael O. Jones, Readings in American Political Issues. 2nd ed. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co., 2004; and “New Bottle, Same Drink? The Opinion of the U. S. Supreme Court on The Indiana Voter Identification Law, ” forthcoming in Journal of Race and Policy Volume 5, No. 1.

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