David Eppel

Professor of Theatre

'62 Center for Theatre & Dance


B.A. University of Cape Town (1971)
M.F.A. Columbia University, Directing (1986)


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

THEA 340(S)

Theatre in an Age of Apartheid

THEA 342

Acting: Solo Performance

Current Committees

  • Honorary Degrees Committee


David Eppel followed Regina Kunzel as Academic Director of the Multicultural Center on his return to Williams College after a two-year sabbatical leave in South Africa. Eppel has started collaborating with various faculty committees on diversity, as well as the CEP in looking at ways to further educate our community. As issues of diversity become a college priority, he believes that the academic link between the MCC and the faculty will become more and more useful.

Eppel has been a professor of Theatre at Williams since 1986. He is a native of South Africa and holds a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Cape Town and an MFA in directing from Columbia University in New York. At Williams, he teaches acting and directing, dramatic literature and theory, and directs student productions for Williams Theatre. His main area of interest at this time is the new theatre and dance emerging from a post-apartheid generation of South Africans. Professor Eppel has helped to create Williams in Africa under the auspices of the MCC. WiA runs several programs in South Africa for Williams College students, staff and faculty.